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Posted: 12th March 2013 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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The awkwardly-named Ferrari LaFerrari  is the company’s new limited-series flagship, offering F1-level technology in a stunning road-legal package. Apart from the unique, instant-classic looks, it features a new HY-KERS drivetrain system that pairs a 789hp, 6.3L V12 to a 160hp electric motor and a 7-speed DCT gearbox for a total of 949hp, a 0-62 time of […]


Posted: 5th February 2013 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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Its probably the most gorgeous looking car from the Ferrari Stables. To add icing to the cake ,you’re looking at the fastest Ferrari ever built. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is powered by a 6262cc V12 pumping out an insane 740 hp, which is enough to propel the Rosso Berlinetta rocket to 100 kmph in just 3.1 seconds, […]

The 2012 Ferrari FF

Posted: 25th January 2011 by Aditya Mahajan in Cars
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Here is the perfect four seater car for your family. Its the 2012 Ferrari FF . It has a unique design like the ones not seen before though it has some genes of the Maranello. This Ferrari has an all time all wheel drive system and an all-new 6.3-liter V12 good for 651hp, a 0-62 […]